the Buzz?

We heard you wanted an iced tea that goes harder, smoother, and louder than the basic backyard cooler drink. You rang, and we answered. Presenting: Buzz Tea — your new favorite hard tea available nationwide in three refreshing flavors. All containing 6.5% alcohol, there’s no way this elevated beverage won’t get you Buzzing.

Hard Tea | Buzz Tea

Buzz Tea Original

classic style.

Hard Tea | Buzz Tea | Original Flavor
Buzz Tea Half & Half

both ways.

Hard Tea | Buzz Tea |Half & Half Flavor
Buzz Tea Peach

Be a

Hard Tea | Buzz Tea |Peach Flavor

Feeling indecisive about your flavor? Take the quiz or text us!

Hard Tea | Buzz Tea |Peach Flavor

the Tea…

Ready to break the ice? Crack open a Buzz Tea to instantly bring the vibes. Those weak drinks and unmemorable moments fit your ex, not you! It’s time to sip some tea worth talking about!

Don’t twist the truth, spill the tea! Find Buzz Tea near you.

Hard Tea | Buzz Tea
Hard Tea | Buzz Tea

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