About Buzz Tea

Launching in 2022, Buzz Tea is the hard tea sweeping the nation. Everyone who keeps up with the latest Buzz is posting, tweeting, and texting about Buzz Tea. So why aren’t you?

Quench your thirst with Buzz Tea Original, Half & Half, or Peach available nationwide!

Did you hear the tea?

Rated the Top 6 Hard Iced Teas That’ll Have You Ditching Seltzers This Summer (yahoo.com)

Hard Tea | Buzz Tea | Half and Half

Brand Story

Don’t let your phone be the only thing Buzzing tonight — get the party going with our hard tea containing 6.5% alcohol …. Now THAT’S the tea.

Buzz Tea is a canned hard iced tea that goes harder, smoother, and louder than your typical backyard cooler drink. With favorite flavors of Original, Half & Half, and Peach, Buzz Tea is the perfect drink to break the ice. Leave the weak moments (and weaker drinks) to your ex and spill some tea that’s worth talking about.

Yes, we want you to enjoy our tea, but we don’t want you making any tipsy decisions you’ll regret! So, text us, not your ex. That’s right: next time you’re ready to send that text, we’ll be there for you. No need to hit send on that “U up?” message… and DEFINITELY don’t need to send that “Wyd?”.

Join the Buzz and see what flavor you are!


What’s the Tea?

Is Buzz Tea gluten-free?

Our proprietary filtration process makes the cleanest, best tasting malt base giving our products a natural smooth finish. This multi-stage filtration process naturally removes gluten from the malt base. Even after this rigorous filtration process, there may contain some trace levels of gluten.

Is Buzz Tea vegan?

Our recipes are vegan, however, they are not made in a vegan brewing facility.

What kind of alcohol is in Buzz Tea?

The primary alcoholic ingredient in Buzz Tea is premium quality malt. Malt is made by fermenting barley and hops. Many of your favorite beers, hard lemonades, and wine coolers contain malt, however, with fresher ingredients and a higher alcohol percentage, Buzz Tea just hits harder.

Can Buzz Tea be shipped directly to my door?

Unfortunately based on state and federal legalities we can’t ship directly to our consumers. We hope the laws change soon, but after 100 years, we won’t hold our breath. The good news is we have our sales people on the street every day selling our products to areas near you.

Don’t get it twisted — we’re here to get Buzzed Find Buzz Tea.

Hard Tea | Buzz Tea
Hard Tea | Buzz Tea

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